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Bob's Custom Saddles

Bob's Custom Saddles are made from the highest quality materials available.  We are committed to providing you with a top-of-the-line saddle that will last for years.  Our saddles are constructed on rawhide covered solid wood trees made by Bowden Saddle Tree Co., Inc. These trees have a pro-rated unconditional guarantee that Bob's extends to our customers.  We use only Herman Oak leather that is carefully inspected prior to being used for each saddle.  It is imperative to Bob's that the leather we use is clean, smooth, supple and firm.  The hardware
on our saddles is stainless steel, chosen for its durability and longevity.  Each saddle is hand-made, hand-stamped, and real sheep skin lined. We use German silver, silver overlay and sterling silver trim.

Each saddle is personally checked by Bob to assure that you are receiving the highest quality products that you have come to expect from Bob's Custom Saddlery.
C & C Tack Shop takes great pride in being one of an exclusive group of dealer's for Bob's Custom Saddles.